How Does It Work

For washing new dishes dishwasher must be emptied & washed dishes should be placed to cupboard. This work is tiresome for most of the people & difficult for old people.  To make it easier we developed easy emptying system.

For transferring clean dishes to cupboard centre body(2) is pulled, 180˚ rotated & pushed. By the way dishwasher(1) is prepared for placing dirty dishes and washed dishes placed to an ordered cupboard (3).

Most of the kitchens designed for standard dishwashers & easy emptying system usage can be difficult at such a kitchen. To eliminate this problem dishwasher (1) can be produced with rotating centre body (2) and a cover (3) at standard sizes. In the future when user move a new house or change kitchen style, he can remove the cover , buy a cupboard (4) & 2 new dishwasher baskets (5) for using easy emptying system.

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